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We have gone extra miles in delighting our customers. In this regard, we have launched a unique service to save money of our customers. Posting from far overseas countries such as UK, Canada, USA, Dubai and various other countries to India is a costly affair.

If you buy cards from us, we can send those cards anywhere in India US $ 1 APPX per card. Just email us your address list and we will affix computer generated stickers on the cards.

This is a unique service provide by Rajcards for our valued customer. As our customers from USA, UK and other part of the world have to spend large amount for posting wedding invitation cards to INDIA.

Instead of spending this much we start one service in which all our customer who buy wedding invitations from us will get advantage for it. You just email us the addresses and by charging just INR 45 per card we mail the card any where in India for you. It saves much time and money for you.

For Example: If you order 200 invitations from us from USA and you have to mail 50 invitations in India then you just email us 50 addresses to where we have to deliver the cards and pay INR 2250 (50 x 45) so we mail all 50 invitations at the Indian addresses and rest of the 150 cards to your address in USA. It saves double courier expense. As we first courier all 200 cards to your USA address and you mail back 50 invitations to India. This involves double mailing charges.

All cards within India will be sent by trustworthy fast courier services.

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